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Closed Out the Week in Exemplary Fashion

It wasn’t a week to sit back on your laurels in risk and let the market do its thing. Some of you might feel comfortable with a long term outlook — able to bear witness to tragedy unfold and do nothing about it. I cannot do that, as I am a financial super-hero, an apex predator. There is never an instance when I am relaxing. I am 100mph 24hrs per day, 5 days a week.

I capped off an exemplary week, +440bps — juxtaposed against market losses of ~2%. It’s important that you bear witness to this week of mine, as it tells a story that’s important for my body of work, which is I do not fucking lose. When markers spiral lower, I am there to sell it short into the fucking ground. When it turns up and cooks the bears, I am the first one at the scene with my fork in tow.

I suspect we will see an escalation of the war in Israel this weekend and because of that I hedged my longs against a 12% volatility position — which will bank in any black swan event. Other than that, life is good and it’s going to stay that way, especially for me — +18% year to date and once again, interminably, pinned to recourd highs.

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