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Some Broad Stroke Ideas Going Forward

Good afternoon —

Markets are doing just fine, with exception to some big tech plays. I’ve been trading well this afternoon, after digging myself into an early crevasse — now down by just 20bps. I am tempted to go to cash — but since I am hedged with some $SQQQ — it may not be necessary.

Some broad stroke themes that are worthwhile in the coming months:

Semis, Cryptos, Gold, Dissident Right media, undervalued EV

The semis are easily the go to place for traders, based off crypto mining and AI development. Gold is at record highs and crypto is the best dollar alternative for the younger generation, and also a conduit for growth. The dissident right media can be best enjoyed via $DJT and $RUM — but really just Rumble. Lastly, electric vehicle stocks, one hot, aren’t hot anymore. I like $TSLA and $RIVN. Many will fail but I believe those two can make it.

There are some wild eyed ideas to consider too, such as Flying Taxis: $ACHR, $JOBY and the companied tasked with mapping the sky like GPS maps the ground. Thus far, the only publicly traded company that I know doing this is $NN.

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