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I was having a rather genteel day, enjoying easy returns of +100bps when markets decided to drop. It went slowly and kept that pace into the bell, with very little respite. If you were buying the dips on the way lower you were dominated by sellers into the close and now feel very bad about yourself, having squandered a gift horse in the face.

DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELVES with the likes of me, as I am never tricked or fooled. As markets collapsed, I caught myself and hedged and kept trading and fighting into the close.

I capped off the session +46bps in highly professional, highly astute trading. It’s very good that I spend my time and my talents all day with people trading $8k at $HOOD. This is exactly how I intended my life to play out.

Into tomorrow, I am 18% short, 45% cash, with a negative beta.


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