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Miserable Tape

In miraculous form, the NASDAQ is +50 whilst nearly 80% of stocks are lower. It’s the usual suspects: $NVDA, $GOOGL, $AAPL and the gang powering it forward. The tape looks like Joe Biden trying to give an impassioned speech. The words are there, if not bumbled and mumbled, but it’s also lacking a certain penache.

My wife’s Mother has a friend whose entire familiar just busted loose from their S. American enclave of abject poverty into the United States. Amazingly, as the story goes, the whole bloodline crossed over — 50 people in total — and they’re now traversing the American landscape — perhaps in search of bounty and free homes. As per her last update, they’ve chanced upon the great state of S. Carolina in their never-ending quest towards NYC — where I am sure they intend to steal your homes. Who can stop them?

I am just settling in here now, had an earlier scare with dog getting stung by a wasp. But she appears to be alright. I’ll fire up the old kettle and make myself a fucking pour over and then get to work on attempting to make some sense of this rancid tape.

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