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Blogging Past My Expiration

Long ago in the early days of iBankCoin, I used to jest about not wanting “olds” reading the site, anyone over the age of 47.5. It was an arbitrary line in the sand, something conjured up by yours truly when in my late 20s. My plans for iBC wasn’t immediate or long term. It was simply a venue for me to express my rage and trading ideas in a public forum, doing so in private because I was professionally licensed. Well, I’m not licensed anymore but still maintain a thin veneer of anonymity — only because it’s just the way it is. I’ve spoken to many of you throughout the years, attended iBC conferences under a different name, and generally enjoyed my time doing the site because I truly love writing and even more — trading.

This is not a send off or an announcement that I’m retiring from blogging. I do not understand why people ever do that — but instead an informative post to document that yours truly is indeud above the age of 47.5, quickly steaming for 48. I was supposed to be kicked off the site by way of age limits back in the fall of ’23, yet here I am defying the rules and still blogging.

Has anything changed from my late 20s till now?

I’d like to travel back in time and slap the shit out of myself for all of the mistakes I was bound to make. First and foremost, I’d like to inform myself that instead of blogging about how stupid $BTC was at $85 in 2013, I should buy it with all of my gusto. My life, just like yours, is filled with learning experiences and the older I get the more I seem to understand the manner in which life should be lived. I used to place heavy emphasis on money and worked round the clock for it, chasing a dream that was conjured up as a young impoverished boy — an idea that if I made enough my life would mean something. Meanwhile, the time spend chasing that dream was time away from my family and/or building life skills that could be used to improve the quality and happiness of my existence.

It’s true, I consider myself to be a great trader with sometimes supernatural instincts. But like everyone else, I fall prey to boredom and sloth and become disinterested in my craft — due to the monotonous hamster wheel existence that I sometimes feel that I’m in. But what has learning how to trade really done for me in the big scheme of things, other than provide me with money to eat and drink and travel?

But then I think about my skills and how I could transfer them to others to help them expedite their learning process, hopefully leading to the improvement of their lives. I think I’ve done so on a limited scale. I do find that many of the people who joined The PPT, Exodus or Stocklabs learn and have fun in the chat — but far too many fall victim to a gamblers fallacy and perhaps lose interest in the things I have to say in exchange for chasing their big trade — because at the end of the day men want to create their own way and be great on their own without the help of anyone.

I respect that I wish I could communicate better to convince some of you absolute fuckheads the mistakes you’re making aren’t new and have been replayed thousands of times in the past and will be played in the future.

At any rate, I closed the week with marginal gains, really blowing some nice wins the past two days. I am never chagrined by missed trades or small slumps — because I know the true value is the skills that I have which can and will be applied over the course of my lifetime. Futures winners will be enjoyed and magnanimous returns achieved, providing I remain living.


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  1. flea

    Nice. Hey Fly – you must read “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”. It’s all about you 100 years ago.

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  2. metalleg

    What I would like to know is how you gained a following for your blog. Did you promote it anywhere?

    Like the tree falling in the woods, if a great blog is written but nobody reads it, was it a great blog?

    Your writing skills are well above that of mortal men but was this a “if you build it, they will come” phenomenon or did you do anything to gain a following?

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    • Dr. Fly

      I originally gained notoriety when blogging about MVIS. At the time it was sort of like a meme stock and I had information about the co. I also had experience blogging in politics and used abrasive language, which was taboo back then, to attract readers.

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  3. soupbone

    It was like Camden Road in the ’60’s, it was a scene everyone was into. And this blog was ‘one read and your addicted’ level writing. The comments were also very interesting. But the material just kept coming and coming resulting in an exceptionally memorable reading experience spanning years. And like any good restaurant nevers needs to advertise, the same could be said for ibankcoin.

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