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Rotation Continues

Observe the winning industries versus the losers in the past two weeks.

It’s very possible we are in the 2nd or 3rd inning of a run beginning in basic materials, which would jive with the season trends for the industry the past 30 years. To capitalize, one would need to forgo the $NVDA’s of the world in exchange for boring stocks like $OXY, hoping the timing is optimal.

I’m having an off day again and I’m running on just 3hrs sleep — but I’m pretty sure this is the path I want to take this week.

Favorites include names like $FCX $OXY $ADM and $NUE. I want to be long upstream and downstream oils, metals, and perhaps chems. I’ll try to avoid small capped tech and definitely cast off biotechs. In addition to basic materials, now might be a good time to position into old man/ low beta/ high dividend stocks in an attempt to front run investors clamoring for higher yields.

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