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I had a rather sober St. Paddy’s day with some company from NJ. We did all sort of things this weekend, including but not limited to regaling local SLAVE PLANTATIONS with a person eager for conflict, arguing with the tour guide regarding the accuracy of the history and the tour. At one point during this event, I wanted to drop out of the slave quarters’ windows — but I bore through it and made it out ok with lots of laughs to enjoy on the way home.

It seems the older I get the less interested I am in “getting drunk”, only because doing so means I feel like shit the next day. I had 2 beers and a Boston Sour and that’s it.

I’m down 30bps early going and although the NASDAQ is up — I do not like this tape. CLARIFICATION: I do not hate it either. I am indifferent and find myself wanting t take less risk in order to wade through the tape, waiting for resolution. I feeeeeeel the market is going t churn a bit here and the only thing I’m excited about are my holdinging in Solana, $SOL. I’m + 188% from my basis and feel the coin is going up forever. All of the $BTCFAGS are now buying $SOL — propelling it to new highs. It should be noted $250 is all but a foregone conclusion.

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