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Closed the Session Extremely Bullish

I had to do it, fully long and with a little leverage into what I expect to be an explosive Monday. I am nearly certain Bitcoin will crash higher and into record highs by Sunday and all of the cool stocks that gapped up today will follow in suit.

I ended the session +90bps, hardened by decades of professional money management to withstand all fires and manage through all eventualities.

I will tell you this, my bias is for oil stocks to start gapping higher soon and all of the shit I am saddled with today might be sold post haste come Monday. On a longer term basis, however, I am very bullish on some of my favorites — like $HOOD, $RUM, $ILMN, $UBER and $CDNS, just to name a few.

I wish you all happy tidings and well wishes. If you lost money this week and find yourselves bedraggled and mired with inextricably losses, find solace in knowing there’s someone out there like me with champion styled wins — PINNED to recourd highs.

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  1. 2 wheels

    Nice trades on Uber! I just opened a swing position in Uber on Thursday, looks like it wants to rip here. Many stocks are setting up on the technical side – should be a fun week coming up. If all these breakouts fail then that will be some serious juice to the downside.

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