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$NVDA Briefly Surpasses $AMZN and Parity With $GOOGL in Market Cap

Good Sirs —

I’d like to remind you that computers are abundant and inside of those computers, whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or a phone — such devices requires the inestimable semiconductor chip. Such a marvel is boundless in its greatness and the market as a whole is appreciative. For the month of February, the $SMH is +11%, which is followed by a 7% gain in January. Such figures represent the largest returns for the industry in decades — perhaps ever.

Due to Wall Street’s insatiable desire for fast computers and Bitcoin mining operations, shares of $NVDA briefly surpassed Amazon in market cap today, as well as reaching parity with Google. Nvidia did an impressive $18b in revenues last quarter, about $70b from Google and $150b from Amazon — but the chips they make are so amazing that investors are willing to ignore any talk or chatter of valuation.

GUILTY AS CHARGED! as I posses positions in $NVDA from a basis of $120 in the trust accounts of my children. I tell this to you now and sincerely, I am not proud nor happy about it. The positions are mere trifles, small and inconsequential. Sure they’re the largest positions in the accounts now by virtue of their 300% gains — but to have such a winner in accounts that I cannot spend directly or have in abundance size greatly reduces my vigor for such grandiosity and the splendor of said victory.

Today I’ve spent my time doing mill work in my laundry room, tiling next, followed by painting. I’ve also been taking 5g of creatine per morning, ingesting 3500 calories per day, in an effort to build some mass — as my recent “Oppenheimer diet” made me weak and feeble. I am quite capable of losing or gaining 15lbs inside 2 months on demand. I will now gain 8 pounds over two months of pure muscle to attain the strength necessary to rip off the limbs of my enemies one by one if needed — followed by a tossing of their de-limbered bodies atop pikes.

I am still 100% cash, watching from afar.

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