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For those of you betting interminably on oil stocks — last week was your Waterloo. Good Sir, you have been dispatched and do not belong in the cadre of important men in the field of finance.

Below are the top performers of last week. It should be noted the custom indices are of my own making and the high beta index isn’t comprised of low brow stocks like the Bubble Basket — but instead “cool stocks” with beta ratios above 1.5.

All of the data featured above make me feel even worse about my flat performance — once again missing out on the cool stocks rampaging throughout the meadow of Wall.

Some of the notable stocks of gallantry were $ARM +62%, $SMCI +56%, $PLTR +49%, and $NVDA up another 18%. Everyone who is mad decries grandiose bubbles and monstrosities of evil proportions. There are clarion calls to sink stocks for good and for shares of both $TSLA and $NVDA race to zero — revealing their decades long scam.

If I were to agree with those patriots who seek to destroy America, I’d curry the favour of a great many of you with cries of “CRASH THE MARKET FOR GOOD” — but I cannot in good faith speak with emote, as I am a person fashioned stoically and can only translate my opinions via ethical logic.

Having been through all of the finest stocked market crashes of all time, once chancing upon the 1987 carnage via a newspaper left on my floor which discussed the events as a cockroach traversed up my 11 year old stomach — I can speak plainly to you now that this “bubble” isn’t ready to pop. As a point in fact, we are fixed to trade up and can only be interrupted by the sudden death of Joe Biden or news that he was to be replaced as a candidate in the 2024 Presidential elections.

Investors remember the Trump days and harken for them, which is why the tape will receive bids throughout the year up until the fateful day when the next President is crowned King in the Americas for the next 4 years.

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