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Congrats to All Involved

We started off the day with bank collapses and ended with fucking melt ups in $AMZN and $META. Ladies and gentlemen, the evergreen nature of the market is a religion. We place faith in it, blindly, based off assumptions disconnected from logical thinking. I almost always revert back to selling short, only to quickly be reminded of the realities on the ground — that nothing really matters and stocks going down is a mirage, a temporary phenomenon that is always met with unfettered buying.

I traded poorly today, but fixed myself entirely long into the bell — ginned up with a doubled sized $FNGU position — because fuck you.

Into the AH’s, I am once again STEAMING into RECOURD highs.

How constant are my gains?

Take a look at this pal.

See pal, that’s who I am and you’re nothing.

We have to be bullish because that’s the trend. If and when it changes, I will be the first person you know to sell short with massive vigor and tenacity.

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