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Remember When People Liked Tech?

When I was 7 years old my mother bought me a cassette stereo and automatic phonograph, which meant when the record ended the needle would detect it and return back to the holder. My sister, who is 5 years older than me — wasn’t as lucky. She had an 8-track stereo with a phonograph that wasn’t automatic. While I was able to record from the radio with my cassettes — she was forced to use her Atari styled cartridges with very little flexibility or capacity.

As a boy I remember being enamored by simple pleasures we take for granted today: toasters, vacuums, blenders, irons, cassette walkman, video game consoles, colored TVs, VCRs, power steering in cars, cable TV — high speed fucking elevators.

In the 90s I remember when the CD was launched and one of my friends showed us his CD-walkman. It was almost unbelievable when I examined it, so new and advanced — and it set the table for a series of technological innovations that would soon change the entertainment industry. From 8 track players to cassettes to CDs to DVDs to the truly phenomenal Apple iPod and digitally stored music and movies — the electronics industry was a source of wonderment for Americans.

People used to revel in the innovation of technology, argue about betamax vs VCR, extol the virtues of the microwave oven and spend hours inside the electronics department looking at plasma, LCD and LED televisions.

That wonder has been destroyed in America, thanks in large part to government meddling into privacy and a general distrust for BIG TECH because of their eager compliance and very political employees.

Last week former employees of Apple unveiled a new AI powered pin/phone/amazing piece of technology — and no one gave a shit.

I showed my kids and some younger people and, almost universally, they’re disinterested to instant hating it, which is a byproduct of their disgust with their smartphone experience’s and how social media is both addictive and toxic. I completely understand why they feel this way and I feel like something has been stolen from them, the excitement of human innovation should be celebrated by all. But for whatever reason, in our current timeline, our society is increasingly cynical, untrusting, and malicious.

Tech geeks used to be just tech geeks; but now they’re very wealthy power hungry bastards and they employ radicalized people who are spiteful and unfriendly — diving people by race and political leanings. It’s total fucking rot and it’s a damn shame.

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