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Work Smart, Not Hard, Pal

Long ago when I was a cold caller at a brokerage firm my boss came around to my desk and sat down in front of me. It was about 10pm and I had been smiling and dialing all day and all night. He said to me “I made $85,000 this month and have nothing to do with it. You know how I do this Fly?”

Curious, I eagerly rang back “No, how, please tell me.”

He got up and said to me “because I work smart, not hard, pal” — and then walked away.

At that time I wanted to spring up and decapitate him. But as the years worn by and my own success achieved itself through manners of method, his cocained fueled words that night resonated with me more and more.

People who only work hard have no choice in the matter and are like machines — oiled with coffee and greasy egg sandwiches — whose sole purpose on this planet is to toil.

At the open of trade this morning, I executed my trades and came out the other end +45bps.

Do you know how I did that pal?

Because I worked smart on Friday, not hard, and now I preside before you at your desk to tell you these things because fuck you.

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