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Slow Methodical Grind the Fuck Lower

These are the facts, an array of them if you will.

The $IWM is down 12% since August. The cunts in the White House have declared war on the American people in exchange for their new people’s migrating into the country. None of their priorities are central to the needs of Americans, instead they are at war and have always been at war because it’s easier to destroy than to build. Devils.

The market hasn’t come to grips with the fact that they are pathetically fearful of the plebeians only as it pertains to food and shelter. They cannot afford a slave revolt. As such, they once again place the middled class onto the slab to be cut into and dissected. Rates are higher than they need to be — because it doesn’t matter to them. NYC home sales are at a record 70% all cash deals.

They will do everything they can to sustain stock prices — but the levies are bulging and the infrastructure is weak and they’re running out of time.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by small rallies inside of larger pockets of weakness.

This is what I mean.


$ZM -82%
$SE -75%
$TWLO -75%
$PYPL -70%
$BABA -70%
$SQ -68%
$SNAP -63%
$MTCH -61%
$ROKU -55%
$T -47%
$VZ -44%
$SHOP -41%
$DIS -38%
$WBA -38%
$SPOT -36%
$BBY -35%
$INTC -30%
$NFLX -22%
$TGT -20%
$NKE -20%
$C -19%
$CRM -16%
$AMZN -12%

Seeing the market bid here, I have some directional longs against hedges — with the intent to closing the session net short — but nothing too extreme since I know markets need to rally.

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