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Is the Tape Boring — Or is it Just Me?

I’d like something terrific to happen in my lifetime, out of selfish concerns for myself. I do also feeeeel that I posses a special ability in various subjects and deserve a modicum of success. At the same time, I also feel that toil and punishment is good for me — clears the mind of wanton distractions and elevates me above the wastrels who do nothing but lavish themselves in comfort all day. In my head, I punch those people so hard — I create holes in them.

Markets disappointed me today because of their lackluster demeanor. Plus, I lost 1.13% — but it wasn’t my fault, see. I am busy with my fucking lawn, creating grass, taking out the weeds. I know a good many of you rely upon me for sage advice; but my interests need to be fulfilled otherwise when you really need me I won’t be of any use to you.

Nothing is happening now, other than a slow methodical drip lower.

My hopes and dreams would come true if we could get a sharp break lower. Then again, I am reminded of the necessity of toil and how getting what I want isn’t always good for me. I am +38% for the year, not happy about it or disappointed. It’s simply the byproduct of my work and proof of expertise. This isn’t a brag either. I’ve been invested in stocks for over 30 years. If I cannot figure this shit out by now — what sort of fucking human being am I, after all?

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