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BIG dicked squeezes underway — spearheaded by stocks with largess degrees of bearshitters in their midst. Presently you can shoot bears in a bowl as they flounder about in their stupidity.

CVNA +44%, BYND +21%, EXPI +19%, UPST +13%, AFRM +12%, W +9% to name a few.

I’ve been using the Stocklabs short squeeze live data to cherry pick my trades, now up 95bps for the session. I started off slow and had most of my assets in cash up until the past hour or two.

My general sense is for continued enlightenment for the bears. I cannot give you a valid reason for this melt up and I am certainly not a fan of the GLOBOHOMO. But it is what it is and I certainly do enjoy the fruits of all the faggotry and empire building by absolute scum. How this all resolves itself will be something to behold and I am pretty certain, eventually, the unending arrogance of the neocons will squander a good thing and result to widespread panic and pain.

Until then, we sip from the chalice of perfidy.

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