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Markets pseudo collapsed today on news from the WSJ that Instagram was custom tailoring their algorithms to cater to pedophiles. Naturally of course this is a concentrated trait of democrats. We already have the registration lists and it would be easy to do, since so many of them loved quarantine and more than that loved working from home. What I speak of is locking all democrats inside their homes in an effort to reduce crime. By my count, if we did this civilization would enjoy a 75% reduction in crime.

At any rate, I managed $10k+ in day trading gains and closed +65bps for the day. I have no hedges and just 22% cash. The reason why I’m bullish is Stocklabs related. We are OVERBOUGHT on our 12mo algo and the data suggests more gains. Today’s weakness was focused on large cap tech with a wide swath of everything else going up. Breadth was a respectable 67% and in spite of the Satanic order we are presently oppressed under — stocks look good for a renewed leg higher.

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  1. soupbone

    A likeminded person is always read. A little politics sneaking in when you have the upper hand. Cool.

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