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I hope you had a pleasant trading affair today for tomorrow I shall be entreated to outsized losses as soon as markets prevail upon me. Before the close, I felt it was wise to load up on a series of SAAS stocks — believing the warmer climes would magically transfix these nerd infested companies into winners. I was woefully wrong with that presumption and now suffer losses in the after hours.

It started with OKTA and now ZS and RNG. I am basically surrounded by losses with darts flying everywhere at my person in an attempt to slew me. I was down 68bps for the session and am lower by another 98bps in the AHs. I have a 10% SQQQ hedge which will do little to no good against the backdrop of these SAAS motherfuckers spiraling to zero and beyond.

To be honest, I had it coming. I went on a two week vacation to Europe and didn’t lose any money. As a matter of fact, I made money in markets whilst traversing the Louvre and other such places. I am now settled firmly into my office and squeezed for my blood by the markets for the sin of belief. I believed the nerds could post BETTER THAN EXPECTED results, the same way they might’ve felt in High School they could win at dodge ball.

In the end, I lost and I will lament these losses over spartan meal this evening — playing these events over in my head and wondering if I chose a different path would my losses be perhaps less than 1% this evening?

ALSO, I remain 10% weighted in CARL FUCK YOU ICAHN’S IEP and eagerly await his revenge.

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