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I am always surprised by right wingers who are SHOCKED over and over again to see the GOP pretend to be fiscally conservative and always cave into extending the debt limit. You know, America is a very rich nation. All those bastards have to do is spend a little less than they take in and VOILA — before you know it the national debt will begin to shrink.

But to do so would mean less money for the cunts in Ukraine and the cunts in S Korea, Israel, Egypt, Peru, and any number of cunts who enjoy our money. If you think of America as a giant corporation you’d appreciate her more. Many of you get caught up in ideas of constitution and freedom and MUH founding fathers.

Sir —

You have been ruled over by degenerate scum bags for a century and the people who profit from this sordid business think the average folk need to be castrated. In many respects, they’re correct! Not everyone is equal and if you do not possess skills to help the nation build — perhaps you should be castrated too.

Tonight the GOP caved into the Biden administration to borrow more money in order to provide all of the cunts around the world who live in abject squalor with money. You have to understand, the quality of life abroad is abysmal and they look to America as a big cow in a wide open field and want to suck on its milky tits. Do not be upset about things you cannot control. Instead, perhaps hire a tax attorney and shelter your money away from the grabblers who want it for their little cunty projects.

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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler
    Mr. Cain Thaler

    The other issue is American finance aspires to retain reserve currency power but this requires us to creat debt so the foreign nations running trade surpluses have something to invest in. They don’t care it destroyed American industry.

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