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I cannot describe how I lost 130bps today, only that it happened to me. I was long and then short — but the only thing that mattered was that I ended up wrong and forced to backtrack and buy a bunch of 52 week high stocks. The truth is, I deserve much better. I happen to be a very good person with good intentions. The fact that the market injured me like this today makes me want to wipe out entire Italian villages, salting their earth, taking any prisoners left and placing them into a global slave trade.

Net net, I made more than 2% for the week and now stand before you up a whole 1.1% for May.

All stocks are DOWN 2% for May; but the fucking NASDAQ is +8%. We are in the midst of something stupid happening in stocks and because of that I am prone to believe this too shall fade and eventually all stocks RACKED DOWN with losses, yet again.

No market for Monday as we celebrate America’s wars. I will be doing a full travel blog tomorrow. Until then, I’ll be smoking some Cuban cigars and celebrating my 47th bday.

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  1. teslawasright

    Happy Birthday the Le Fly. Enjoy

    Not sure if you can get kicked off your own blog but you’re above 42.5 seemingly whilst traveling all over losing your edge.

    Off to Great Wolf Lodge

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  2. duuude

    A wee lad ye be. Enjoy

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