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I’ll have a full breakdown of Fly Goes to Europe this weekend and I warn all Italians out there — you’re not gonna like it.

During my 10-15 hr flight yesterday (who’s counting), I was long 20% LABD and it ripped tits, paying for a good portion of my entire trip. As a point in fact, I’m up nearly 3% for the month, which is a first for me whilst on vacation.

As for now, I still own the LABD and a little BTC, the rest cash. I’m sort of groggy now and need to run some errands, such as pick up my dogs. In the meantime, I’m elated to be back and see while I was away the country garnered up new outrage against the GLOBOHOMO movement in America, taking aim at Target for the innocent thing of selling clothing to children who want to cut their dicks off. It’s so good to be back.

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