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Tricky Ending to a Fucked Week

I squeezed out a 0.02% gain for the session. I had a good start and then squandered it in a series of poorly timed trades. Ironically, I’d be much better off had I not sold LABU yesterday, up 6% today.

I’m no damn good at these listless tired and slow tapes. I need an electrifying market with trends shifting quick in order to really hone in and crush. I’m now down nearly 4% for the month — and -4% from my all time recourd highs. In the big scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal. But larger slumps start someplace. For everyone down 90% now staring out into the oblivion wondering where it all went wrong — that fucker at some point was -4% too.

It’s important for me to remember the true purpose of all of this — which is to wantonly collect money without an apparent goal or reason. I just endeavor to stow away cash, and then hope for societal collapse — and then die. This cycle has repeated itself in aging men since the beginning of time.

NEVERTHELESS, we still have work to do and enemies to destroy. Although I got bogged out this week without much delay, next week could be a complete different story. The tape is sort of evil, with slow moves followed by massive out of the blue pops and drops, followed by more inaction. Then you get the occasional 15 down red candles to really fuck with your day trading religion, offset only by a mean reversion 10 candle upside to close flat for the NASDAQ.

If I just did nothing, my results would’ve been better. But this isn’t always the case.

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