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I made a pastiche of errors which led to my swift dispatch towards SESSION LOWS and I am delighted by the specter of having to roll up the olde sleeves and MAKE IT ALL BACK, and more. Adversity is good for the soul and since my health is very excellent and my mood superb, I thought it would be fine to lose some money today, and so I did.

I edged lower by 122bps and was in search of a clue all day and for the love of God — I had no idea what I was doing out there — fumbling over myself — making a fool out of me and everyone who mirrored into my trades.

All that said, I was in search of the alleged bear market.


And I found it here.

Russell Small Cap

We have some real doldrums in the small caps — piece of shit companies not afforded the express protection of the US govt and its foreign interlopers.  I took a small TZA hedge, long NUGT position and additional longs of the ribald nature to offer me a very positive net long position heading into Friday.

Earnings season is fast upon us and Q1 is ending with a bullish intonation — with markets up 20% since December.

In summary, The Fly lost money today in true moron fashion and his run may in fact be over. It was a very excellent journey into profit and I was happy to be a part of it. But all things whither and eventually end, so I am eternally grateful whenever things go my way and will always reflect upon these days as the very best.

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