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I locked in gains of +130bps vis a vie opening up a massive long position in TZA. Ostensibly, I am net short with 40% in TZA — but that can change swiftly — with just 1 or 2 red candles sending it up 1%. I will most likely liquidate it and pray to the Gods for good fortune.

The daily trend has been to fade the morning pops and buy the dips. The overall trend has been sanguine, especially in the face of crisis. For all intents and purposes, the banking crisis is over. The next panic, however, is just around the bend.

I have no bias in my trading — but an egregious one inside of my brain and in my heart. My soul craves for COLLAPSE but I am content, and patient, to just plod along with the status quo — providing it suits me.

What suits me is supremacy in trading, having a fun time writing, making people laugh, providing panic when people need it most etc.

I feel like I’m on borrowed time so everything is gravy, more or less.

Into the final hours, I am expecting some weakness. Let’s see if I’m right.

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