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Positioned for Moderate Degrees of Bullishness Tomorrow

Here are my gains for the day — so fuck off.

The market sucks but I get the sense we’ll rig higher at the open. I have just 10% hedges on via DRV and FAZ. I inherently hate the banks and could never live with myself if I missed out on a bank run crisis.

NEVERTHELESS, as frustrating as this action was, it would behoove me to sleep on the PERMANENT BULLS who are always lurking for chances to stick a knife into the backs of the bears. I am aware of these people and cannot be fooled.

I was fooled only once in these halls, back in 2014. Since then, basically, all wins and winship.

Since my YTD gains are ribald and my trading superb, my mood is very excellent and my feelings towards humanity is very generous.

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