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Look at me — doing shit you only dream of doing.

You want to know what happens next? I will tell you.

The entire state of California will DETACH from the continent and run into N. Korea — where it will be RAPED and nuked in short order. All of the VCs who’ve been SCHEMING via SIVB will need to find a new scam bank. For decades SIVB had facilitated programs that permitted founders to gain access to capital, in exchange for shares in their WANTONLY overpriced companies. The net result had been — plebs bought into IPOs at 30x sales and got drummed to death down 75% before the stock caught its legs. Basically, the entire VC community is a criminal organization and SIVB was their bank.

Now that the mob boss is dead, the new boss will demand their $75b VC portfolio be MARKED THE FUCK DOWN.

Are you listening to me you fucking faggots?

Furthermore, it is my belief the market cannot and will not enter tomorrow without a massive cap raise or some sort of bailout. Something will happen tonight, OR the market nose dives the fuck lower in a panic tomorrow.

I had 40% of my assets in FAZ 20 mins to the close — but I decided to close it out because betting against America bailing out their banks is a suckers bet. My only hedge now is 15% UVIX — which should stem most of any losses that come as a result of some GOOD NEWS at the banks tonight.

In short, we have a real crisis now and I am 100% sure there are many shoes to drop. This is the 1st inning of the gambit. However, as a trader, I like to dance between the rain drops and I’d much prefer to short into strength rather than shorting into 55% heart attack drops in the regionals.

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