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It’s Almost Time for Oil to BUST LOOSE Again

Pardon my absence — I didn’t feel like blogging nor trading and kept myself busy doing others things this morning. If I ever suddenly disappear — it’s usually because I get into a certain kind of mood and just want to be left alone. I am certain it can be diagnosed.

Markets are whipping higher again — but do not be fooled. The IWM is barely up and the price of CRUDE OIL is soaring, +4%. You European scum have had it good for too long and got lucky with a warmer than expected winter. Well, you can’t always get lucky and eventually, if we wait long enough, you’ll freeze.

Without Russian crude on the market and price caps in place, it’s only a matter of time before the price of Brent gallops past $100 — shitting onto the faces of all those in its path.

You’d be wise to position for this on a longer term basis, perhaps even laying the ground work now for the eventual ascent.

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  1. soupbone

    Energy has all the leverage needed to drasitically change the narative on inflation and hence the soft landing. Not that I hope for that, but it wouldn’t suck to watch Powell and Biden squirm.

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