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Let me make this abundantly clear for all of those reading and following me. I am now prepared to lose a great sum of money in my efforts to extract maximum coin from this tape. Opportunities such as now do not come often. It’d be a shame to miss out just because you let some news and emotions get in the way of all the fun.

We are ENTREATED to a fantastical rally. Earlier today we saw 13 red candles lower on the 5min charts, from which I deduced would be a good time to step in long. I entered in and then doubled down and sold for profit, knowing full well that I was jeopardizing my 3.5% returns, which shrunk to +90bps at the low point of the swoon.

I did not hedge and shall not hedge because I am not fearful. I have gains of +23% YTD and I have a comfort in a tape such as this one — sharp moves to the upside — knockout blows to all those in the way.

I closed at session highs +332bps, leveraged at 139% of equity — fully prepared to draw down 5% in a single session in my pursuit of greatness.

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    7 figures tomorrow….. don’t jinx it!

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