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I barely looked at the market today — no need since I am able to quite literally make money at will now. I carelessly allocated 100% long into 20 stocks and took the balance of the day off — not because I needed to but because I felt like doing it.

I know — so many of you toiled in front of a hot screen with your eyes burning out from your skull — ANGRY at Le Fly aka “El Midge” in some circles — because I make it look easy. There was a comment in the previous post, the only comment as a matter of fact since these halls are now a whistling corridor, alluding to yours truly partaking in what he described as a “SWITCHAROO” — in reference to me selling BBAI at 4:00am +35%. The accusation, or the implication, suggests that I was being somewhat untoward with my sale. But the fact of the matter is, the stock closed +70% today, reducing said accusations to a pile of shit stacked high atop a mountain of trash.

See pal, this is hard for you to accept and I understand why. I am simply better than you, not just in stocks and bonds — playing the game of capitalism — but in most respects. I am most likely a better MASTER CHEF, Barista, Mixologist, Historian, Writer, etc. The list is almost endless. I do not need anyone to acknowledge this — but I am merely stating it as a matter of fact.

Into the close, I leveraged to 150%, with a 15% hedge via SQQQ. My book is overall bullish and I believe, as it is my right to do so, I deserve more.

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  1. mickeyp

    Fly you appear to be bored which has resulted in boring “see pal I am better than you” posts. Take a week off and decide whether you want to keep wasting your time and more importantly your our time. Have a good day.

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  2. john galt

    Winning! I appreciate watching it unfold… like a beautiful snap shot upper corner, the smooth submission, that one handed haul in, chip in from bunker, you name it it’s winning. Excellence is even better against the house, fuck em. World is crazy and littered with participation trophies for the too many letter people.

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