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In a world filled with mountebanks and hucksters bilking $100m off their followers, Le Fly leads from the front with sword in hand — now presiding on the high ground — tossing flaming balls of tar into enemy entrenchments.

I traded 14 times yesterday, booking 11 wins. Today, I traded 4 times for 4 wins, both long and short.

YTD, my gains stand at +57%. But more than that, and consider this to be a public service, my talents are unmatched.

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  1. rigged game

    Nobody gives a shit about your wins and losses, Fly.

    You said you were going to go to a DISCIPLINED
    trading method, taking positions once a week.
    You aren’t doing that. Just quit the wild trading,
    or else (at the very least) quit writing about it.

    And keep posting well-written, if fictional, blogstuff.

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