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Good day

On this first day of “trading around” a long only portfolio I pretended to be a bull, all the while trading in and out of inverse and upside ETFs. The net result was “success” as I only LOST $2600 or -0.36%, whilst booking trading profits of $2600. In other words, had I not traded anything and only kept long, I would’ve had DOUBLE the losses.

Hence the term comes to mind, “The Fly wins all the time, even when he’s losing badly.”

Markets looked like shit today, as it does on most days I bother to really look at it. Ergo, I took a 22% position in SOXS — because who can fucking stop me? I am +50bps in the AHs on the whole kit and caboodle thanks to this long penis sized position in SOXS.

What can I say? I am a permanent bear who meekly wants to only see the bare minimum Pax Americana destroyed.

These are the last days lads. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES. The big one is coming soon!

My Quant closed +1.07%, now +17% for the year. Name a better quantitative strategy.

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  1. soupbone

    Can I get Collapse with “Scrooge” on the other side?

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  2. metalleg

    Can’t wait to hear how the second day goes.

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