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It should be noted, Sam Bankman-Friedman at just 30 years old was the second largest donor to the demoncrat party in 2021-2022, second only to George Soros. His mother is a big bundler for the left and Sam was being groomed to be the next money pig for DC.

It does in fact BEMUSE me to see Sam’s FTX filing for chapter 11 today, not because I enjoy to see others fail — but because I specifically enjoy to see Sam fail. There is a distinct difference, mind you.

Those committed to making the country a worse place should be PUNISHED with the vengeance of a malevolent God.

BTC and all of the cryptos are more or less hostage to the potential unwind of FTX. I suspect someone will buy them and Sam will end up back on his feet again, getting funded for a future project like the We Office son of a bitch and they’ll probably make a movie out of him, whereby we are softened by his nice puffy afro haircut and come to feeeeeel sorry for him. Silly boy didn’t know what he was getting into and turned on the ignition with a BOMB IN THE HEATER and blew the fuck up. Except me of course. I will watch said movie and throw popped corn at the screen, howling inside the theater without my mask, decrying Sam a “son of a bitch” who deserves jail time.

But it won’t happen, so I won’t get too excited about it.

Markets are a mixed bag with a strong bias up for risk names. There is an underlying weakness, but generally speaking, we should be ok.

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    Are you 100% out of all your crypto holdings?

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  2. soupbone

    This gendre of Fly post over the years has always been the very best reading. Can’t recall them but there was Bill Hwang, Gartman, Ackman, Miller (video!!!) and some others. Thanks Dr Fly.

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