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Winning Whilst Losing

There is no man on this planet who wants to see the market down more than me. But, having said all of that and knowing the market — I could never sell short into the hole without upside hedges. This market is already down 30%. I made the bulk of my +50% returns in the beginning of the year and have been careful since then.


Because I am a professional.

But you can’t stop what is coming.

Czech had relied upon Russia for 100% of their gas imports before the war, now zero. It is unusually warm in Europe now — but that will not persist. We have a substantial problem ahead of us and Europe is going to be de-industrialized.

All that aside, markets looks great. Get ready for mashed potatoes and turkey legs.

I’m +60bps for session whilst bearish as fuck — waiting in the tall grass for fresh meat (pause).

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  1. txchick57

    I’m up 6% for the day and loading UVIX. Thanks BOIL and TLT

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  2. soupbone

    The most talked about, telegraphed recession in my time raises the hackles. Like we are being warned from Government, Wall St CEO’s, main stream media; everybody knows about this recession. I could see a political stance perhaps, like “we told you it was coming so no surprises eh”. Whatever else is being supressed in this two weeks is no doubt equally important.

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    • roguewave

      recessions and reality have been outlawed for 2 weeks.
      Fill up at the gas station before e day

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