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Just before the trial of Twitter v Musk began, Elon changed his mind again and is now willing to proceed with the deal. This is humorous, especially since I am fairly certain the braintrusts inside Twitter did not see this coming. What they likely thought would happen was a long trial in which they’d win and then get to SEIZE Elon’s Tesla stock and ruin him. Instead, they get to lose their jobs once Elon gets in.

Musk is offering $54.20, the same price he offered many months ago.

Last night Elon had the audacity to propose an amateur way out of world war 3. This is what he said.

This got all of the Ukraine flag blue check marks choking up with rage, even drawing Zelensky and one of his cabinet members out to tell Musk to fuck himself.

I have admiration for what Musk has achieved but I’m not a fanboy and do not place him on a pedestal. I also do not believe he’ll make substantive changes once inside Twitter, since people like Musk (elite) tend to become assuaged by people who really control things.

Nevertheless, it makes for fun theatre.

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  1. jacked rabbit

    $54.20 continues to be a fucking gift that the TWTR Board must take. They went to court because they want said gift. Musk went to court cuz he knows its a stupid fucking gift now, and wanted out because he didnt know the definition of due diligence.

    Nuttin to do w TSLA
    Nuttin to do with his stupid tweets
    Nuttin to do with his views on Ukraine

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  2. teslawasright

    At least someone knows what is up.
    And that is Le Fly

    Musk has controllers dumb fucks

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  3. traderconfessions

    If he had controllers they would have told him to shut his mouth a long time ago. I already regret asking this but … who are his controllers? Bonus points for specificity.

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    • purdy

      Musk is awesome …and is having fun. That said, those who run the place don’t let you launch rockets unless they feel in control …so Fly is correct to be watchful. Be suspicious of anyone who has not had a fatal accident or “suicide”.

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