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All of your beautiful losses just dissipated into the wind. The markets closed at session highs and the horrors of past week, when the Fed was fucking stocks, had 180 reversed and now everything is great, fantastic, and we’re heading back up again.

All you have to do, see, is buy the dips. When the market drops a lot and you feel nauseous buying — you are likely doing yourself the biggest favor in the world.

Oil will collapse. Weapons will be delivered. Stocks will crest higher into the elections.

I will need to adjust my perverted world view in order to survive the coming squeeze. I gained 20bps, barely interested enough to finish this fucking blog.

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  1. purdy

    Interesting that, just as The Lancet comes out and suggests that Covid came from one of our bioweapons labs, they have Biden announcing that Covid’s over. Maybe next they’ll have our president that Covid never existed.

    We are truly in a bizarre chunk of US history.

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  2. bambam

    Did Biden say COVID was OVER or the pandemic is over? Because I’m thinking words do matter

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  3. rigged game

    Let’s hope that 95% or more of those millions were corporatists, Trumpists,
    anti-vaxxers or Republicans. Gotta start saving our planet.

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  4. purdy

    Some of you guys need to do some research. How were we able to warn NATO and Israel of the Covid outbreak in China in mid-November 2019 …when there were few, if any, cases? Maybe Robert Kadlec has the answer. Has Covid killed people you care about? Yet, no questions. Just listen to your betters and roll up our sleeves.

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