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Last week Le Fly closed at recent lows — OFF 10% FROM HIS HIGHS. For this week I closed up 7.5%, within a cunts hair of new and fresh motherfucking highs.

Look at how fucking stupid you all look now, sitting there with a busted elbow, retarded, surrounded by degeneracy. “The Fly” reigns supreme once again and all of you fucking retards can dive head first into a water-less pool.

It’s worth noting, the Stocklabs quant portfolio EXTENDED its cock today by 2% and is now +14.65% for the year. This strategy doesn’t use anything but the SL algos and you’d be wise to acknowledge it and understand that my robots can trade better than you.

I stand before you towering, a great man, up 52.33% for the year — bowling on my enemies because it’s fun and easy to do.

I closed the session 18% cash, NO HEDGES, seizing Monday morning by its balls in preparation for THE BIG RUN.


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  1. purdy

    Language please!

    “a cunts hair” s/b a cunt’s hair.

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  2. john galt

    Nicely done, never doubted it!

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  3. porksword

    You used the words “fresh” and “cunt” in the same sentence. Envigorating.
    (pronouns; he/him/his)

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