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Another Day Without Collapse…

… is a day wasted.

The NASDAQ jumped 50 off the lows and closed ambiguous. Bulls bought the dip for the “big run” and bears shorted the hole because of everything else.

I am net long, 30% cash, 10% hedged via TZA. I gained 35bps for the session and didn’t trade much because I am waiting for a better tape.

To trade in an environment that switches back and forth between reflation and end of world is difficult. We have CPI data coming out tomorrow and I cannot remember the last time any economic data, bad or good, resulted in down stocks.

If the data is hot and stocks collapse the open: buy the dip.

If the data is cool, this means the Fed is winning: buy into the rally.

Either way, it’s rigged to go higher tomorrow.

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  1. roguewave

    It’s over. No, not market gyrations. Us.
    “Neither political party has EVER violated the post-term immunity of former presidents”
    Until now. Judge Bruce Reinhart has earned his slot in history. He enabled the FBI to raid Trump’s home.

    if Republicans win in 2024 they will tear apart Biden, and his family, and probably go after the Clintons all on criminal charges. This raid on Trump has ended the one thing that secured a peaceful transition of power – the rule of law.

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    • purdy

      Respectfully …power has not been transferred since the Clinton administration was followed by little Bush’s installation …and the 20+ subsequent years of wars on behalf of corrupt Israeli and US warmongers/profiteers.

      Liberal conservative Republican Dem woke gay trans …the real power doesn’t give a fuck and will use various of these distractions as tools. I suspect, and have for a couple of years, that they are now seeking to install DeSantis.

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  2. bennyhill

    Fly aren’t you 48 yet?

    It’s amazing as soon as I turned 48 I stopped giving a shit about trading. You were so right.

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  3. Cricket

    Superb reading: The (Mis)Behaviour of Markets, 2008, Benoit B. Mandelbrot

    Statistical noise is being amplified. Direction is being masked. Choppy seas.

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  4. purdy

    “Either way, it’s rigged to go higher tomorrow.” Good call. Shorted SMH on this pop.

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