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I’ve seen this play out a million times and it almost always ends the same. When the worst stocks lift without the large ones — the end of the rally is imminent.

Today we saw virtually all micro cap Chinese Burrito stock lift the fuck off. In the after hours they are continuing the run. I stepped in and bought the blood of one — in the hopes of some sort of reversal tomorrow — one last hurrah, one last pick.

Ticker is NA.

After the bell AMD posted in line results and HOOD is CLEAVING 23% of their workforce, citing a fucked economy.

I closed +170bps, with 25% hedged via inverse ETFs — because WW3 will not pop off without me selling this bitch short. I don’t give a fuck about missing out.

It’s ending soon. China is gonna bomb our Taiwan after drunken Nancy leaves. Everything you loved about the planet is about to burn.

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  1. soupbone

    So far the hyped like BYND, the misguided like HOOD, and crypto scam are casualties. Recall 2007 it was sub-prime mortgages. Just a localized problem they said but it was only the canary croaking.

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