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As you readily know, I am long a pastiche of commodity names into this morning’s commodity bonanza, whereby the EMERGENCE of stagflation rears its ugly face again.

Copper is bid +4%, Oil +3%, and Natty +5%.

My game plan is the same everyday: take profits during the first 10 mins of trade and then relax and oversee my profits as they sit quietly in my accounts.

The FREEZE GERMANY trade is on, especially since they only have 2 months of gas in storage and their little tanks are getting blown to pieces in Ukraine. But they of course are not looking to upset the Russians, only kill them. God forbid they might provoke them — Russian gas supplies might halt just in time for the winter months.

You hate to see it.

In other news, the supreme faggot of the UK Boris Johnson stepped down after his entire staff, save the cunt LIZ TRUSS, resigned.

So sad.

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  1. roguewave

    People of the UK demanded that Boris Johnson see a proper barber. He said he would rather step down. A champion of ‘do rights.

    As things stand, NFW Europe gets thru this winter intact.

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  2. the_wolf

    I want my 1000%

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