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Retail Boom Due to Lower Energy Prices?

The market is processing lower energy prices now, as WTI and all commodities continue to get hit based off the notion of demand destruction. It seems investors want their cake and they also want to eat it whole, betting on both demand destruction and also higher retail spending. It would BEHOOVE any of these investors to actually think this one through, seeing it makes entirely no sense. Nevertheless, the market is a genius in the long term — brainless dolt in the interim.

I had a sundry of stocks this morning that went nowhere and I moved to cash, as I always do before 9:45am, +10bps for the session. There are numerous runners in retail sensitive sectors — but I am likely to sit this one out in favor of LAMENTING my brand new existence amidst contractors and the incessant complaints of a one Mrs. Fly who would find fault in the heavenly father himself — if presented in front of us and all of his magic tricks and secrets to the universe.

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