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I felt good buying stocks yesterday. The market had rallied and people were making money on the long side. For a brief moment, if I closed my eyes, I could see half naked Chamath flexing on Twitter whilst his portfolio of soon to be worthless SPACs crested to new record highs. What could’ve been never panned out and now the only thing heading higher are interest rates and Russian Rubles.

The news is as grim as could be, with the US using Lithuania to blockade Kaliningrad in an attempt to draw Russia into war. It’s all so childish and the faster NATO gets into an armed conflict the faster the Slava Ukraini crowd shuts the fuck up in favor of Slava Lithuania and then Poland and Germany etc.

We saw it coming and present when it all happened, the methodical and purposeful destruction of a great civilization. Too bad history will never know since history is written by the zebra for the zebra.

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