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I shed more than 3% for the week, mainly due to never being at the desk — busy with the new home. This is my excuse — what’s yours pal?

My YTD gains remain near +50% and my goal here, heading into the sleep molasses months of summer is to keep them. I am almost always hedged and although this strategy might seem moribund to those following along, trust me I am a professional and know exactly what I am doing.

When out of pocket or rhythm, it’s good to play it small under reduced risk scenarios. God forbid I had remained heavily long commodities into this disaster, I would’ve lost 15% for the week.

Life is long and there isn’t any rush to make money now, in this tape.

For the weekend and Father’s Day I intend to do nothing at all. Food will be without flavor, because who needs seasoning. Alcohol will not be consumed and the cigars will remain stowed away. Life isn’t about pleasure or comfort. Life is about toil, sacrifice, and endurance. I will never be tricked or fooled and I will never again believe. I intend to waste away my days working and thinking, trying my very best not to get hooked and I will most certainly not attempt to find joy.


Good day.

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  1. metalleg

    You weren’t in your house very long.

    Why’d you move?

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    • moosh

      Probably because the market there was sky high, along with the insane drivers when wf was in school. Sounds like LeFly didn’t get the bunker…

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  2. john galt

    I’ll do the seasoning and drinking for you, it’s for the better good. Need the local brewery to stay afloat, if you are lucky enough to find Melvin’s around you it doesn’t get any better! Let a hoppy 2×4 wet that whistle!

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