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Fridays have been woefully dreadful for the market, especially ahead of a long weekend with Monday off.

I closed +1.74% and at the close, since I didn’t want to sell any of my 10% positions, I threw down a 25% position in SQQQ — which should cover me should markets decide to cascade lower tonight and into tomorrow.

I have no desire to be greedy and I am grateful for being able to navigate the market with grace and poise, now +41% for the year, +12.2% for May. I was always going to make money in a bear tape and there was never a matter of if but if when, for those who’ve been following me from the beginning. To all of those who quit Stocklabs in favor of cartoons, find solace in knowing your subpar thinking has landed you in an inexorable subpar existence of having gone down the wayward path of Morton’s Fork — because you never had a choice in the matter — biologically predispositioned to make poor choices — sad and fat.

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  1. moneymindsoul7

    Charts are looking awesome going into Memorial Deh

    $UBER, $XPEV and $SLB

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