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Trading in a Bear Market: Survival Guide Edition

Listen to me.

Bear markets are not your friend. They seek to destroy you and you can never rest your guard. Think of a bear market as a really bad neighborhood. Would you walk thru said hood with gold chains, fancy shoes, and no gun? Why, you’re liable to get raped out there looking like that.

When in a bear market one must assume there are criminal elements everywhere and you must carry your gun and be prepared to shoot. I always say, shoot first and ask questions later.

This entails selling winners when they present themselves and not loitering around for too long with them wanting more. Again, if you loiter around with your gains, someone is likely to take them from you.

Standard stuff.

Lastly, sometimes it makes sense to be on the offensive instead of always looking over one’s shoulder. This means you too can rob others of their valuables, providing you’re armed. If you see someone with a fancy watch or hat, feel free to take it. Do as you like, this is a bear market.

I’m +135bps early going, defensive but yet also on the move.

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