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Market Soars! All Is Well on Wall

Just yesterday most of you were contemplating life without money and here we are today, with stocks screaming higher, you’re now looking at stocks and once again believing they can go so much higher. Fuck all of that, I sold out of my trading account for +300bps and called it a day, having achieved excellence in a week where I resided on a couch in a cold dark basement listening to old jazz tunes — quarantined because I felt sick.

I took some Ivermectin last night and all of a sudden I feel much better! Perhaps there is something in the horse medicine that makes us get better right away.

On the issue of markets: everything is reflating and even cryptos are running. It’s not that I’m bearish per se, but I’d prefer not to play the intra-day swings for the time being and will likely re-apply longs towards the end of the day.

I still have my algo and Quant accounts fully long, one up +600bps and the other +400bps, so it’s not like I’m “missing out.”

Congrats to all involved.

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