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I can only offer instinctive analysis since I’m half dead on a couch in a cold foreboding basement.

Markets collapsed at the open and have since recovered. This is a textbook capitulation trade and I see many hard hit stocks, like my SE, ripping.

I also see the Ruble at new highs vs the dollar +6%.

I also see Finland is concerned that by joining NATO Russia will turn off their gas. This leads me to believe the best trade here isn’t the beaten down techs but the beaten down commodities. Stocks like MOS have 20 points in them.

It’s also good to see ETH back above $2k. The whole thing looks good, but I’m not buying.

I’ll keep what I have and if I’m around by 3:30, I’ll allocate for tomorrow.

Presently I’m up 25bps for the session.

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  1. duuude

    Vit D….mucho vit D and C. When you have enough you simply won’t want a lot anymore.

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  2. the hungry dog
    the hungry dog

    Also ZINC and Ivermecton if you can find a doc to give a prescription. Check the website for Americas Frontline Doctors they have the latest on treatment for Covid.
    Get well soon.

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