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I do believe the next big move is up. But even though I feel this way, I am not bold enough to commit much to the long side — because of the possibility of a legitimate crashing of the markets, as Pax Americana comes to an end.

Markets are beginning to price in a western LOSS in Ukraine, make no mistake about it. If not a loss, then a kinetic escalation that will be RUINOUS to EU growth. That being said, I took a 5% position in TQQQ — having gained 41bps for the session I am afforded the luxury.

I trade well during crashes because I am not naive and rarely fooled. These are the best of times for me, but my money will eventually be made on the UPSIDE of this debacle not the downside. I prefer to wade in slowly and then all at once for a great big fucking gain.

Safe havens have been eliminated in the commodity sector, which is now subjugated to the bearish winds. The only respites left are found in stocks like SJM, CLX and MDLZ.

The market is pricing in harsh economic decline. Although I am prone to agree to any and all bad news, I will admit the prognostications are PRE-MATURE and this pin action we saw today felt more forced, if anything else, as rookie son of a bitches got liquidated en masse and sent back to their mansions in the Hampton’s where they can rot out the rest of their meaningless lives high on cocaine and adderall.

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  1. donnie wads

    Bought a 20% position in TQQQ at the close. Holding 24 hrs regardless of the outcome.

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  2. the_wolf

    Is Cathy on watch yet ?

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