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There is nothing left of your imaginary world you intended to live in. You had grande scheme to live in a virtual world, date virtual girls, wear virtual clothes. But you are now rudely awakening to the deafening sound of artillery fire and the notice of it all being over.

BTC is below $31,000 and ETH is under $2,300 and the world is in ruins.

The soft sounds of chubby bodies hitting the pavement is comforting to me, as I am well position to buy the blood and take advantage of these heart attack drops. The crypto miners that we so beloved by all, MARA, HUT, HIVE, RIOT, have gone back to whence they came and the market is telling you cryptos as an asset class is meaningless rabble. You knew it was trash when a segment of the Stocklabs ecosystem branched off like fools to talk amongst themselves about NFTs. How are your collective works of art now, pray tell me?

See, The Fly is many things, but loser isn’t one of them. Actually, I might be a loser in some departments of life, come to think of it. But when it comes to being right or wrong about investments, I reign supreme.

I do not find comfort in your pain. I would advise you to seek the counsel of others who know more, are better prepared for the fires. Men who have wrapped themselves in burlap to withstand the storms and enjoy the smell of black smoke.

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  1. emersonlakepalmer

    blood in the streets in the town of new haven…….

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  2. og

    Fear finally coming in to the market.

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  3. roguewave

    Cryptoland look is like the stocked “markets”.

    This may be the first real bear for the NFT/Metaverse crowd. Ouch

    Crypto Hayes was right about the 30 handle for btc & 2k eth, but I didn’t expect it so quickly. As usual, I did not have more cash on hand.

    No matter, time to dca the blood and rearrange the other deck chairs.

    How much lower can it go? Who knows, but I’m betting (good project) buys at these levels will look good in 2-3 yrs. Maybe sooner if confidence in USD recedes. USD is a safe haven; until it isn’t.

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