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Towards the end of the session, cannabis stocks lit the fuck up — enabling me to juice my returns to over +1% for the session. I closed long AKAN, MAPS, HEXO and GNLN in the pot space. I finished long, as a matter of fact, 101% with a 10% hedge in TZA. I will almost always take some sort of hedge into the close due to the inclement new environment we’re in.

But make no mistake — today’s +270 point gain in the NASDAQ, coupled with rallies in cannabis, NFTs, cryptos, and a sundry of commodities means we are back to high risk again and not likely to pull back tomorrow. The speculative fervor is back and you’d be wise to jump in now, lest end up with a life of regrets later.

I’m +25.5% for 2022 so far, trading at my absolute best in over a year. GET THE FUCK IN Stocklabs NOW if you know what’s good for you.

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  1. roguewave

    I’m surprised BTC didn’t moon. These crypto guys can be somewhat unaware of the rest of the world.

    @WallStreetSilv and @DoombergT
    Sir about that nickel you bought from us. Well, you didn’t actually buy it. The guy who sold it didn’t own it but we let him sell it so he can make money when you lose money, but in this case you made money, and he lost more money than he has, and, well, we hope you understand.

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  2. juice

    And the Fly will be composing his beautiful prose right up until and into the nukular hellfires.

    Is it just me, but what the hell is going on!?

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