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Through sheer cowardice and sudden lack of desire to collect more currency, I am up just 41bps in a day where the market is handing out money like candy on halloween. A slew of stocks are up more than 10% and only the brave, or incredibly stupid, are being handsomely rewarded today.

Nevertheless, I have a plan for that too, which is why I have another account based on the Stocklabs ranking ecosystem and that is up 3% for the day. The plan was and continues to be it is invested without my opinions, just those of cold machines.

For me  the question is to chase or not to chase?

Of course the answer is chase, even though I could’ve taken a different obstinate rout here, pretending to all of you how disciplined I was and how I’d never buy into such scam wicks. The great part of getting older is you no longer have to bullshit yourselves. I know I’ll chase stocks going higher, even if it was the last thing I did. If I was on the verge of stroking out or suffering from some vaccine induced cardiac event, I’d probably delay my own death by several minutes just to get a fill on a recently hot Chinese burrito.

Speaking of which, Chinese stocks are very hot early going. I must’ve mentioned the research I did several times which demonstrated a proclivity for Chinese Burrito stocks to bottom during the month of January. Yet, as I look at BABA up massively from the lows, I find myself without any burritos. Funny how that happens.

Here’s another prediction. SAAS stocks will at some point reach another zenith of all time highs. Many will double from current prices.

Now you must be asking yourselves “if this is true, why doesn’t this lunatic just buy HUBS and call it a day?”

Because that would be too easy. My life wasn’t concocted in order to make it easy for me. Ergo, and this goes without saying, I’ll continue to trade and drive myself crazy all for the sake of cheap thrills and entertainment. Plus, I might make another 220% this year to boot for my troubles.

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